Three delicious ways to use the truffle oil brought from Giorgio Truffle Shop

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When you intend to buy truffle oilit would be wise to depend on Giorgio Truffle Shop. We manufacture the oil from fresh ingredients and at our FDA-inspected facility, which is free from peanut and tree nuts. We also manufacture those oils in small batches so that we can maintain the quality. After you have brought truffle oil from us, we need to know how to use the oil to make your cooked dishes delicious.

Before going into the ways of using truffle oil, we would love to caution you about two aspects that you need to maintain. One is never to heat the oil. Doing such will damage the flavor of the oil, and it will not flavor your food as desired. Instead, drizzling the truffle oil over cooked dishes would be best. The second aspect you need to maintain is to use a small amount of the oil while drizzling, as overdoing that will again not make it possible to have the desired flavor.

Now let us know some ways to make dishes delicious using truffle oil.

Use with French fries 

You may have thought there is no way to enhance the flavor of French fries. Your thinking will change when you drizzle truffle oil instead of adding cheese or sauce to French fries. To make the French fries tastier, you can add grated Parmigiano, Reggiano, flaky salt, and drops of truffle oil. You can make your French fries a gourmet snack by following this tip.

Add flavor to popcorn

Popcorn being a blank canvas, the flavor of our truffle oil can go a long way to make it delicious. Swapping the generally added butter and salt with truffle oil will make it more gourmet. Following the way, you can make the perfect snack to accompany you while watching a movie. It is possible to directly drizzle the oil over the popcorn or add the oil to the butter and salt mixture.

Mix with mashed potatoes 

You can add a few drops of our truffle oil to mashed potatoes to make the dish even more delicious. The earthly flavor of the truffle oil will perfectly complement the potatoes’ flavor. To make the dish delicious, you need to add the oil with cheese just when you mash the potatoes.

So, buy truffle oil from us and use it in these manners to make your dishes delicious.

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