Keep Your Recipe Fresh & Interesting With Black Truffle Oil

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Cooking is a skill that is likely to develop over time. The time you spend in your kitchen to produce beautiful dishes & refine your collection of “go-to” recipes is certainly worth it. While it’s exhilarating to discover your staple dishes, they may become bland or overused gradually. Discovering ways to incorporate a prominent touch can keep even your most-used recipes fresh & interesting.

Truffle oil is a fabulous ingredient to infuse a lavish touch to your dishes. With a bit innovation, you can pass on fascinating flavors in minutes. If you are looking for assistance on how to use black truffle oil in your kitchen, here are some inspirations to get you started.

Beef Carpacio:

The mixture of beef carpacio, shaved arugula, Parmesean, or olive oil and lemon oil laced with truffle oil is a real treat.

Eggs & truffle oil:

This is an excellent combination. Whether scattered over scrambled eggs or a chic cheese omelet, truffles and eggs are a combination not to be missed. Although fresh truffles are regularly used with eggs, truffle oil is an affordable way to relish this classic combination.

Truffle hummus:

Infuse elegance to your hummus by incorporating a little amount of black truffle oil. You can prepare home-cooked hummus & infuse the truffle into your food processor toward the end. Or, simply blended it into normal store-bought hummus!

Over French Fries:

Both homemade & store-bought French fries can see great improvements with their taste from some add-ons. While many opt to bacon, cheese or ketchup, black truffle oil can make an elegant replacement. Once your fries are done, don’t forget to top them with some sea salt, freshly-grated Parmesan cheese and of course a tablespoon of truffle oil.

Over Pasta:

From comforting to sophisticated truffle oil pairs wonderfully with a wide range of pasta styles. Typical pasta flavors such as garlic, cheese, and mushroom complement the unique truffle flavor. A dash of truffle oil on your pasta will certainly give you the feeling of as you are eating in a 5-star Italian restaurant.

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