Is Truffle Oil Healthy? Ways To Make Life Better With White Truffle Oil

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Fine Italian truffles do not show up on the supermarket shelf, well, ever. But that does not mean you cannot incorporate the flavor in your home-cooked dishes that could rival the world-class restaurants! Fortunately for home chefs, truffle oil, and specifically white truffle oil has become a popular and more accessible way to integrate truffle into their kitchen. We have got you a list of our favorite ways to use the aromatic oil in everyday cooking.

But how do you pick a great white truffle oil you ask? Start by looking at the ingredients. The better the ingredients, the better will be the quality. Oils that include fresh truffles are going to taste like the real thing. At Giorgio Truffle, we incorporate real white truffles to fully capture the best flavor in our white truffle extra virgin olive oil. We prefer extra virgin olive oil that carries the beautiful flavor of the white truffle better than any other oil.

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What is White Truffle Oil?

White truffle oil is olive infused with pieces of white truffle for a more acidic and lighter flavor. The oil can also be produced synthetically using a manmade gas.

Now that you have learned what truffle oil is, you are probably thinking now – what does the oil taste like? 

If you are looking for a greatly refined truffle oil experience, do not forget to choose white truffle oil. This will impart a unique flavorful taste you will never forget. And what does this white truffle oil taste like? Overall, the oil is much lighter and has an almost ammonia-like and acidic smell when you first sniff it. The oil tastes zippy and tangy, and as the flavor is lighter, it still goes a long way in your kitchen. Try not to overuse the oil in your recipes.

The next question you may ask is, Is ordering online better or easier? 

The answer to this is if you want some of the best products around in terms of quality of the oil and other ingredients both, shopping online is the way to go. Visit

Tips for Buying and Using White Truffle Oil 

If the label lists ‘flavor,’ ‘truffle aroma,’ or something alike, odds are good that the oil is synthetically flavored. Pieces of dried truffles in these bottles might be fr show, and not to impart flavor. Be aware of synthetically-flavored oils as they lack the nuance of real fresh truffles. That does not mean that you won’t enjoy them, but if you have tasted the real thing, it may disappoint you.

Some maintain the strongly flavored extra virgin olive oil to make good truffle oil. Many manufacturers use a robust oil to mask the synthetic aromas they incorporate. But that extra virgin olive oils can have great flavor variations. A mild extra virgin olive oil can actually work well as a truffle base.

Considering the storage, keep your white truffle oil tightly sealed, stored in a cool, dry, dark place to prevent flavor degradation.

Considering the usage, use white truffle oil very sparingly. A liberal pour can be very overwhelming, especially if your oil contains an artificial aroma. The aromatic compounds of the truffle oil are too delicate to withstand cooking, so, it’s best to save them for finishing dishes. For optimal flavor, drizzle some amount of it over dishes that contain fat, like cream, cheese.

Ultimately, it is your palate and taste bud that counts when evaluating whether the truffle oil is delicious or lousy. Before you find the one you truly enjoy it can take a few experimental purchases. And in the case of white truffle oil, it can be an expensive prospect. But if you are up the search, it may prove culinary rewarding.

What’s the Nutritional Profile of Truffle Oil? 

As we know most truffle oils available on the market are made using olive oil as the base, this makes them high in monounsaturated fats. The truffle oil is also rich in Vitamins E and K. Another crucial compound is oleic acid, which plays an essential role in fighting inflammation, heart ailments, and cancer.

A tablespoon of olive oil contains 13.5 grams of fat, 8.1 micrograms of vitamin K, and 1.9 milligrams of vitamin E.

What Are The Best Ways White Truffle Oil Can Be Used? 

White truffle oil works wonders as a finishing oil, which is why it can be used in several ways to enhance the flavor of several dishes.

  1. Drizzle on top of popcorn
  2. Use it on pasta dishes
  3. Mac n’ Cheese
  4. Mix into mashed potatoes
  5. As a finishing oil on the pizza
  6. Over eggs
  7. Over veggies
  8. Over garlic bread or bruschetta
  9. As salad dressing

White Truffle Oil Vs. Black Truffle Oil 

Both the truffle oils – White and Black vary in terms of taste, pricing, and appearance, although they are similar in terms of nutritional content.

Both the truffle oils can be used interchangeably, and to find the one that is best is usually left to the consumer’s discretion. But we have a tip that might help you! White truffle oil goes well with meats imparting a delicious flavor. While the black truffle oil goes well with heartier foods like beef and sauces.


When you can amp up your health just by drizzling your favorite oil on your favorite dishes, why not try it out then? Start using white truffle oil today! And do not forget to tell us, how you find its taste to be!

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