How to know if you have purchased the real truffle oil

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You know about truffle oil and that is why you have decided to buy truffle oil  from us at Giorgio Truffle Store. Lets us see how you can understand that you have purchased the real one and not cheated by scrupulous distributors.

The deep and heavy aroma and flavor 

If you have purchased real truffle oil, it will have a deep and heavy aroma and flavor. You can use this oil to enhance the flavor and taste of your dishes. It is for sure that when you purchase from us, you will have the real oil as we source our raw ingredients from top producers in California and Italy.


Oil made from actual truffle

You need to have a look at the ingredients that make up the oil. If you see that real truffle has no use in manufacturing, it is wise to avoid purchasing it. We use actual truffle and virgin olive oil to make the oil that we sell.

What to expect from real truffle oil

Now, you know that you can depend on us to buy truffle oil made from the actual truffle. Let us see what you can expect from the oil that you purchase from us.

White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil


As you open a truffle oil bottle made from real truffle, then the aroma is what you will first notice. If you do not have the smell of truffle but have the smell of olive oil, then you have purchased fake oil. Our oils smell of truffle as we use real truffles to make it.


The taste of real truffle oil is as close to real truffle oil as possible. You may say that it is impossible to know the taste of real truffle as it is costly to purchase. The taste of the black truffle is robust and hearty with an earthy and mineral flavor. White truffle oil tastes like garlic and shallot with a mix of ammonia and onion. If you taste the oil and find these tastes, you know that you have purchased the correct one.


Real and fake truffle oil appears to have the same appearance. However, when you pour the oil, then you know the difference. Suppose the oil flows like water, then you have made the wrong choice. On the other hand, if the oil has a smooth and liquid appearance but takes a long time to follow, it is the real one.

As you buy truffle oil from us at Giorgio Truffle Store, you can use that to enhance the taste and flavor of the pasta, eggs, meats, pizza and vegetables that you cook. We use genuine ingredients from top producers in California and Italy. We also follow strict quality control measures while manufacturing the oil at our FDA inspected food facility.

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