How To Be Sure About Purchasing Genuine White Truffle Oil

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You know about truffle oil, which is why you have chosen to buy white truffle oil from us at Giorgio Truffle Store. Allows us to perceive how you can comprehend that you have purchased the genuine one and not cheated by circumspect distributors.

The profound and heavy smell and flavor 

If you have bought genuine truffle oil, it is anything but a profound and heavy fragrance and flavor. You can utilize this oil to improve the flavor and taste of your dishes. Without a doubt, when you buy from us, you will have genuine white truffle oil as we source our crude fixings from top makers in California and Italy.

Oil produced using genuine truffle 

It would be best if you viewed the fixings that make up the oil. On the off chance that you see that a real truffle has no utilization in assembling, it is wise to try not to buy it. We utilize real truffle and virgin olive oil to make the oil that we sell.

What is in store from genuine truffle oil? 

Presently, you realize that you can rely upon us to purchase white truffle oil produced using the real truffle. Therefore, allow us to perceive what you can anticipate from the oil that you buy from us.


As you open a truffle oil bottle produced using real truffle, then, at that point, the fragrance is the thing that you will initially take note of. If you do not have the smell of truffle yet have the smell of olive oil, then, at that point, you have bought counterfeit oil. Our oils smell of truffle as we utilize real truffles to make it.




The flavor of genuine truffle oil is as near natural truffle as could be expected. You may say that it is difficult to know the taste of real truffle as it is expensive to buy. The flavor of the truffle is strong and generous with a hearty and mineral flavor. White truffle oil possesses a flavor like garlic and shallot with a blend of ammonia and onion. If you taste the oil and discover these preferences, you realize that you have bought the right one.


Genuine and counterfeit truffle oil seems to have a similar appearance. In any case, when you pour the oil, then, at that point, you know the distinction. Assume the oil streams like water; then, at that point, you have settled on some unacceptable decision. Then again, if the oil has a smooth and fluid appearance yet takes a long time to flow, it is the genuine one.

As you purchase white truffle oil from us at Giorgio Truffle Store, you can utilize that to enhance the flavor and taste of the pasta, eggs, meats, pizza, and vegetables that you cook. We use genuine fixings from top makers in California and Italy. We additionally follow severe quality control measures while producing the oil at our FDA inspected food facility.

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