How Can You Make Use Of Black Truffle Oil Like A Pro

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How do you choose a great truffle oil you ask? Start by looking at the ingredients. The better the ingredients, the better the oil will quality be. Oils that incorporate fresh truffles are going to taste heavenly.

The modern culinary ingredient – truffle oil when used will impart the aroma and flavor of truffles to the dish. It is mostly used as a finishing oil in several dishes. When people hear the words ‘black truffle’ they think of something elegant and delicious. While many people must have heard of this delicacy, many have not yet had the pleasure of tasting it.

So what exactly do truffles taste like? What are the best ways to enjoy them? We’ve come up with a list of the top uses of black truffle oil.

Let’s take a look at these delicious dishes you can prepare using black truffle oil.



  1. Drizzle truffle oil over mashed potatoes.

This dish is widely regarded as one of the top uses of black truffle oil. The starchy potato base, risotto, and pasta polenta make a perfect pair with both white and black truffle oil.

  1. Eggs and truffle oil

This is a great pairing. Eggs and truffles pairing cannot go missed when drizzled over an incredible cheese omelet or scrambled eggs. This is an inexpensive way to enjoy this delectable pairing.

  1. Truffled popcorn, French fries, and Potato chips

This list of using black truffle oil would not be complete without this addition. After cooking your favorite popcorn, potato chips, and french fries, toss them with salt, drizzle some truffle oil and enjoy!

  1. Pizza with truffle oil

Black truffle oil makes a great addition to pizza crust, especially white pizza.

  1. Dishes using wild mushrooms

Dishes with wild mushrooms can be enhanced using black truffle oil. Think wild mushroom polenta, mushroom mac and cheese, creamy mushroom soup, etc.

  1. Truffle oil drizzled over pasta

This is the most favorite of all. A little black truffle oil can do magic on ravioli!

  1. Bruschetta with black truffle oil

Peppery tomatoes and gorgeous crumbles of cheese dressed with black truffle oil, these toasts can never be accused of being tasteless in any shape, form, or way.

  1. Truffle oil can enhance the flavor of fresh truffles

Drizzling black or white truffle oil on fresh truffles is one of the most favorite uses of the oil.

  1. Mushroom Risotto with black truffle oil

If you are having mushroom risotto, do not forget to drizzle some truffle oil as this can enhance the taste greatly.

  1. Truffle Oil Drinks

Yes, you heard it right! And the Europeans do it right! Truffle oil is used as a special ingredient for Vodka and many cocktail drinks, including truffle tequila and Martins. Adding truffle oil makes it for a smoother and easier-to-drink flavor.

  1. Truffle oil goes well with many vegetables

Some of the widely favorite combinations include – corn, yams, sweet potato, asparagus, squash of any type, and mushrooms of any type.


From desserts to breakfasts to dinners, truffle oil can enhance too many dishes. If you are interested to try your hands on any of these dishes, you can buy truffle oil from Giorgio Truffle Shop today!

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