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An aromatic ingredient with a potent, earthy flavor, white truffles are sought after in home and professional kitchens around the world. Unfortunately, fresh truffles lose potency quickly after harvesting. They’re also seasonal and quite rare, making them difficult to obtain for many and too expensive for most. But at Giorgio Truffle Shop, we love white truffles, and love making them available to everyone. Our white truffle and other truffle oils are prized for their aroma and flavor. We collect the best quality truffles during the season, then infuse them into the very best extra virgin olive oil while they’re still at peak freshness. This makes an oil with the authentic flavor of real truffles, great for adding to all your favorite dishes.

Our white truffle oil is made from 100% olive oil, infused with the very best fresh white truffles to bring that truffle flavor into your kitchen. But the flavor compounds in truffles are volatile and very sensitive to heat. If the oil is heated too much, those flavor compounds evaporate and quickly disappear. That’s why chefs who use truffles rarely cook them but add them to cooked dishes before serving. This lets the warmth of the cooked dishes activate the aroma and flavor of the truffle oil without breaking down the flavor compounds. And our gallon of white truffle oil, available in 250 ml, 500 ml, or gallon sizes, is made with only the best natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives or ingredients to “fake” the truffle flavor or aroma. These natural ingredients make it a great choice for vegans and vegetarians alike.

White truffles have a pungent flavor reminiscent of garlic or shallots. Chefs and home cooks alike use white truffle oil in their cooking to infuse the unique flavor of white truffles into their dishes. But not all white truffle oil is the same. Many truffle oils advertised on the market don’t use actual truffles but use artificial ingredients to mimic truffle flavor. All our truffle oils, from the 250 ml to the 500 ml to the gallon size, are made only from premium quality, natural ingredients with truffles collected during peak season.

Truffles are a near legendary ingredient, widely regarded as an elite and luxurious treat. Rare and flavorful, truffles are renowned and expensive, treasured by both professional and amateur chefs. Very seasonal, they are generally used in fine dishes like pasta, risotto or drizzled on fresh cheese. Our white truffle oil, in either the 250 ml, 500 ml, or gallon sizes, is a much more affordable way to bring authentic truffle flavor into your kitchen. And our white truffle oil has a richer flavor and aroma than our black truffle oil, making it a great pairing with beef carpaccio, fish, shellfish, and other meats with a milder flavor. It’s also wonderful as an addition to foods with a simple flavor like eggs, pasta, risotto, cheese, or cooked meats like pork, boar, or beef. Remember to be careful not to overuse it – the powerful and distinctive aroma can be overwhelming when overdone!

In any quantity, our white truffle oil makes a great addition to your pantry, allowing you to bring a flavor to your cooking on par with the most expensive dishes in the world. At Giorgio Truffle Shop we offer several varieties of truffle oil, including gallon quantities of black and white truffle oil, and all at prices that can fit in your budget. And all our truffle oils are known for their authentic earthy, pungent, and musky flavor. But remember that it has a limited shelf life once opened. Keep it in a cool, dry place to keep the flavor and aroma intact for months. And always remember to keep truffle oil out of direct sunlight.

We put great importance on the happiness and shopping experience of our customers. That’s why we have rigorous quality control. We understand our reputation is based on supplying the best quality truffle oil, and we never want to compromise that. That’s why our white truffle oil – whether the 250 ml, 500 ml, or gallon size – is carefully checked before being dispatched. And it’s why we are confident enough to offer a guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our product quality or service.

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