Buy Black Truffle Oil Online – Top Uses for Truffle Oil

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Truffle oil is an infused oil made from a neutral oil base, generally olive oil or sometimes canola or grapeseed oil, that has had the flavor elements of truffles infused into it. This versatile product is used by chefs of all kinds to enhance their dishes and allows you to bring the seasonal taste of truffles into your pantry in a form that preserves the earthy aroma and flavor of real truffles at a much more affordable price.

Truffle oils help you add a sophisticated touch to your recipes. With just a little creativity, you can find ways to use truffle oil to liven up just about any dish. The complex and intense flavor of truffle oil can add character and depth to a number of foods.

Buy Black truffle Oil Online has a very rich, earthy flavor, and an aroma that hits you immediately. The flavor of this oil, like a sweet combination of dry wine and the earthy flavor of mushrooms, will amaze you. And just a little bit of this oil goes a long way in cooking.

But while experimenting with truffle oil, please remember that it is generally best used as finishing oil. These oils have a low smoke point and lose flavor quickly when exposed to heat. Thus, to get the full flavor and aroma of a black truffle oil, it’s best added right before serving rather than earlier in the cooking process. Also, bear in mind that black truffle oil has an intense flavor, so don’t be heavy-handed. A little goes a long way, and black truffle oil is usually best with stronger and heartier dishes.

By now, you must be thinking about buying a bottle of black truffle oil, but you may still have one question:

What Can You Do with Black Truffle Oil? 

Many of your favorite go-to meals can be elevated by adding a little truffle oil into the mix.

Steak – Mushrooms are always a great pairing for steak, and the mushroom-like flavor of truffle oil pairs just as nicely. Just a touch of black truffle oil brings in an extra level of deep, rich flavor that brings out the best in your beef.

Soup – Add just adrizzle of either black or white truffle oil over your soup as a finishing touch to bring in a delicious note of flavor.Just be careful not overdo it – remember that both white and black truffle oilscan overpower a dish when used too heavily.

Pasta – Either black truffle oil or the more delicate flavor of white truffle oil pairs well with all types of pasta, giving it a garlic- or mushroom-like note that works well with Italian dishes.

Pizza – In the last few minutes of cooking, add a drizzle of black truffle oil to your pizza and let the warmth of the oven activate the flavor and aroma to make your ingredients come alive. You can also add truffle oil to your dough recipe to impart an intense flavor to your crust.

For other simple ways to elevate your dishes, browse our full line of truffle-infused oils and find a black truffle oil for your kitchen today! With the range of black truffle oils we have available, there’s almost no limit to how you’ll be able to experiment and enhance your cooking.


  1. on November 24, 2022 at 3:44 am

    Turkey??? Can I use it

    • Dominic Senese on November 24, 2022 at 11:01 am

      Yes. I would just start small by just drizzling a few pieces with the truffle oil and make sure it the flavor you want.


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