Black Truffle Hot Sauce: Impart Excellent Flavors Into Your Food In No Time

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Are you a fan of black truffles? Do you want to add a sophisticated touch to several recipes? You can use tasty, delicate, fanciful, fun black truffle hot sauce in your food preparation. It is one of the hot-selling products we offer today! The complex and intense flavor of black truffle hot sauce adds character to a wide variety of dishes. It is the perfect and balanced condiment to recall the aroma of black truffles. With a little creativity, you can impart excellent flavors into your food in no time.


One of the most sold products in our online shop is the black truffle hot sauce. It has a very rich, earthy taste, and aroma that hits you as soon as you give it a whiff. It is balanced with the other ingredients in the bottle. It can be used to give that little bit extra to many recipes such as an omelet with truffles, grilled meat or pasta, risotto, as a topping for bruschetta or crostini, or as a filling for stuffed pasta like ravioli and tortelloni to name a few.

Our truffle sauce is not only tasty but also made with the finest quality ingredients. It is made with the best quality and freshly harvested truffles available. The truffle sauce is a condiment made with a blend of red chili peppers, vinegar, organic sugar, garlic, salt, and premium-quality black truffle. It delivers some depth to the flavor beyond those delicious truffles. They are infused with olive oil and black truffle essence for a rich, savory taste. The ingredients of the truffle sauce are 100% certified, none of which are obtained from genetically modified organisms. The truffle sauce contains no gluten or lactose.


We are specializing in the online sale of truffle oils and black truffle hot sauce. We maintain the selection of the best black truffles and follow the traditional making process. We keep the raw materials unaltered for generations. We are known to be the best supplier of truffle products in the market. Quality, customer friendliness, and competitive prices are the factors that make us a leading supplier in the industry.


The five black truffle hot sauces we offer give you maximum freedom in the use. You can serve any one of them based on the number of guests. The smallest (2oz / 59ml) $3.99 is perfect for 2-3 people. The middle one is the Carolina Reaper XXX Black Truffle Hot Sauce (8oz / 237ml) $14.99 is perfect for a dinner with 7-8 guests. The Aged Cayenne Peppers Black Truffle Hot Sauce (8oz / 237ml) $14.99 is also perfect for a dinner with 7-8 guests. The biggest size consists of a 1 Gallon / 3.78 Liter jar of Aged Cayenne Peppers Black Truffle Hot Sauce that is ideal for a group dinner. One more of our products is 1 Gallon / 3.78 Liter jar of Aged Carolina Reaper XXX Black Truffle Hot Sauce that is also ideal for a group dinner. In any case, once opened, truffle sauce is kept for two to three days in the refrigerator by being covered with olive oil.


1 Gallon of Extra Hot Black Truffle Hot Sauce

Some Tips to Use Truffle Sauce: 

  • Black truffle Sauce can be served at room temperature. If you wish to heat it in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes. Prevent modifications to the aroma arising from excessive heating.
  • The Black truffle Sauce is often used to enhance the aroma and flavor of dishes prepared with fresh Black winter Truffle or with summer truffle.
  • The sauce goes very well with butter, parmesan cheese, cream, and bechamel.
  • It is recommended to use 20-25 g of black truffle sauce per person. Too much sauce can never harm but bring some excessive flavour which is not good!